Dear Friend,
You’ve come to this site because you are seeking change.  You may have
tried traditional therapy and counseling, hypnosis, medication, etc.  These may have produced short-term results but ultimately they did not produce what you really want—LASTING CHANGE!

Imagine your brain as a supercomputer with a hidden control panel that 
requires you to act in specific ways—even if these actions are out of alignment with your conscious goals and your heart’s desire!

My 10-Session Counseling Program will reveal your control panel and reunite your heart and mind. 
The best part is…this will give you total control over your magnificent power to Master Your Life!

Hello.  I’m Rhonda Christensen.  I’ve integrated my personal experiential knowledge, gained through my personal challenges and my work as a behavioral counselor and psychotherapist over the past 20+ years, into a proprietary program I named The Liberator Method™.

The secret behind my 10-Session Counseling Method is a breakthrough technique that frees your subconscious to serve you instead of sabotage you.  

This technique is NOT traditional psychotherapy with its psychologically based tests and interactive verbal exploration.  It is non-diagnostic.
This method is NOT meditation, hypnosis, “The Secret”, EFT, or NLP.  

The Liberator Method™ is a Consciousness Mastery Program that restores your personal power by revealing and reprogramming your subconscious subliminal messaging.  There is NOTHING else like it...

The subliminal messages running in your subconscious mind impact your
behavior even if you are not aware these messages are operating.

Recent scientific research backs it up.  Click Here!

My 10 week In-Home Counseling and Home Study Course focuses on:

∼	Resolving unwanted fears and unproductive emotional patterns—Trauma, grief, dependencies, resentment...
∼	Transforming relationship dysfunction—Infidelity, divorce, anger, sex and love addiction, sexual problems, domestic violence, co-dependency...
∼	Freeing yourself from destructive habits and self imposed limitations—substance addiction, overeating, weight issues, recovery from inherited dysfunctional family patterns and training...
    ...and any other unwanted subconscious programming that may be limiting your life!
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