Subliminal, Holistic, Integrative Mind techniques that work directly on your subconscious mind—bypassing your critical conscious mind.  Your subconscious then follows your chosen command to produce powerful and exciting results quicker than anything you’ve experienced before.  With the expertise of your TLM Counselor’s feedback, your subconscious eagerly soaks up every single message bringing fast, exciting, lasting change to your life.

And when you learn to operate your control panel and reprogram your 
thoughts at the deepest possible level, you liberate your hidden potential to accomplish your Heart’s Desire.

Your new programming is absolutely aligned with your conscious goals and
you become compelled to achieve them.  With my Method you achieve total control over this awesome power...for the rest of your life!

Can self-development get any more efficient than that?

Your original subconscious programming
is already subliminally controlling your behaviors—
Hypnotically induced brainwashing that 
continues to predetermine your future and your path.

This is where The Liberator Method™ comes in.  See yourself identify and
remove the original programming that motivated the negative, unwanted behavior in the first place.  Eliminate the cause and watch the behaviors fade away.   And this is only the beginning!  

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The Liberator Method™ is a revolutionary combination of Counseling,