“When I conceived The Liberator Method™ my perspective on life changed overnight... 
And WOW was it awe inspiring!  Now I see everything differently—my emotions, behaviors, habits and even my inner thought processes.  In fact, my results were so impressive that, when I shared it with my clients, they told their friends and their friends told even more friends.  The response was overwhelming and in time I organized and systemized the process to meet the growing demand, making my Method readily accessible to the English speaking nations...  Worldwide!  
Experience it for yourself!”

-Rhonda Christensen, Founder


“I had been unhappy and "stuck" for more years than I care to remember. When my 62nd birthday rolled around I fell  into a major depression. I have been in and out of various therapies all my life without making much progress but I reluctantly decided to try one more time.   That's when I discovered "The Liberator Method".
      It's  difficult to put  into words  what this experience has meant to me.  Rhonda is an extraordinary woman with remarkable  gifts, nothing like I had ever experienced before.   Regardless of the issue, she listens and can actually "hear" what I am  truly saying at my core. She  completely validates, understands and accepts who I am, without reservation.   Can you imagine how "freeing" this is? 
It's absolutely exhilarating!”     “      

-Maxine, Retired Teacher

“The Liberator Method created by Rhonda Christensen is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking communication and healing tools I’ve ever used.  With love and gentleness Rhonda isolates the deeper meanings in the words I use, so I may follow them like breadcrumbs into a brilliant series of light bulb moments that lead to great awareness and healing. Each time I work with Rhonda I experience a deeper understanding of who I am in the most profound sense.  She has that rare and precious gift of compassion, wisdom and spiritual guidance that leads me to uncover, discover and release judgments about myself and others and focus on the love and light that is within us all.” 

-Deborah, MA, Mother Support Coach

“Every session I had with Teresa Atkin at The Liberator Method seriously changed my life!  My negative, distorted thinking was all I knew...and every session opened my eyes and mind to a world I never dreamt existed, a world of truth and freedom!  I had been growing in my walk before, but this program progressed me further than I ever imagined.  I now have their tools that I continue to utilize when I slip in my thinking.  I believe every person would more than greatly benefit from this program and I highly recommend Teresa!" 
-Caroline, Utah

“...after working many years in the counseling field and having many counselors myself that I have never been so please with the process and outcome as I have with my Liberator Method counselor.  In 10 sessions I was able to make some very good changes as well as getting through a very tough time.  This should be a standard of practice all across the nation.  Candace was by far the best counselor I have ever known and I feel so good about the help she provided to me and the things she taught me.  Thank you so much." 
-Wayne A. Duke, Sr.,

“My experience with The Liberator Method and my loving therapist Melanie has been amazing.  I have found that I have peaks and valleys of “getting it.”  In a valley I recognize where I am and I walk myself back to “home base” where unconditional positive regards, free will and the truth of my experience live.  From there I easily find my way.  My home base has given me purpose, self acceptance, confidence and direction.  I...have acquired a lifetime of workable inspiration to live life and truly enjoy it no matter the outcome.  The valleys in my day are educational and enlightening, the peaks are amazing!
What a miracle!" 

“I saw a number of counselors in recent years, with disappointing results. My experience with Rhonda and her Liberator Method has been nothing less than life changing, a positive experience. She is thorough, effective, compassionate, and is recommended without reservation." 
-Tim, Sales

“Anyone who experiences Rhonda’s methods, skills and gifts is truly a fortunate person.  I have personally experienced her ability to quickly guide me to understand and resolve deep issues.  I have also referred many of my own challenging clients and family members to her and have only heard fantastic praise for the results and skills they have acquired.  She can work with anyone and any age.  Her innate ability to listen and really hear the core issues and judgments that are interfering with one's birthright to live in joy, happiness and unconditional love have evolved into a practical method of application that anyone can learn.  She works with a highly evolved loving intention that will leave you grateful to experience the journey of life.  Thank you Rhonda!”

-Nancy Wheeler, Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapist

” The subliminal agreements that were operating in my subconscious actually landed me in Federal Prison back in 2006.  I was absolutely shocked when The Liberator Method revealed the ways I was unintentionally co-creating this experience of Powerlessness for myself... an experience that was the polar opposite of the personal Freedom I was attempting to manifest on a conscious level. Through a series of ‘Ah-Ha’ experiences, the Liberator Method took me BEYOND a new perspective.  Its not something that I learned or was taught that changed me.  The best way I can explain it is to compare it to Alchemy--the process of transforming a common substance that unknowingly has decided itself to be of little value into a substance of great worth (me).  I simply started experiencing myself, and my life in a positive and empowered manner.  The anxiety and static depression that used to be part of my day-to-day existence have been eliminated.”  

-Todd, Entrepreneur

“Ten weeks ago I felt I was in need of some sort of counseling as I felt I was losing control of my life.  I was severely overweight, sad, lonely and felt depressed but was not sure why.  I chose to contact The Liberator Method for help not knowing how or if they would be able to help me.  I was given a facilitator named Candace.  We arranged a weekly hour of phone calls to deal with whatever it was that was putting me in such depression.

Here it is 10 weeks later and as a result of the caring, and professionalism shown me I am feeling so much better.  That feeling of having the world on my shoulders is gone.  Through conversations of my past and deep feelings of guilt that I did not think I had and The Liberator Method’s special way of doing “the work” I came out the other side looking forward to each day and 26 pounds lighter!

I would like to thank my facilitator Candace and the staff of The Liberator Method for the deep caring they have shown me and how they have proved to me that if you really want to make a change in your life and need help to do it, there is a place you can come to.  With my deepest appreciation,”
-Deborah Parkinson
Ontario, Canada

”Rhonda and The Liberator method are absolutely incredible--working with her has been life changing for me, a true gift.  I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with her!  Saying that Rhonda and The Liberator Method are truly special just doesn’t do it justice--it is powerful.  She is extremely gifted and The Liberator Method shares that gift with others.”

-C. Castillo, Entertainment Marketing, Los Angeles, CA

“This program far exceeded my expectations!  I have been to a multitude of different counselors over the years -- trying to find the one that would really make an impact.  Before participating in this program - none met the bill.  I have developed an entirely new thinking process.  I, for the first time in my life, truly recognize my value as an individual.  I have learned how to ask for what I need.  My relationship with my husband HAD deteriorated to the point of separating with the intent on divorce.  I now see changes in each of us - the way we think, perceive and interact with one another.  We are back together and for the first time in 17 years together - I know we are going to make it successfully and happily together.  I am overjoyed and filled with gratitude.”

-Bethany P., Arizona

"Rhonda’s Liberator Method has helped me gain access to my authentic self.  I am more in alignment with my purpose and goals after each session with her.  
She is clarity, grace and love."
-Stephen, Flight Attendant

“Rhonda is gifted with incredible insight and the ability to remove blocks deeply imbedded. After meeting with Rhonda I could see clearly the pattern I was creating and understand what it was that I needed from 
creating that pain.  Through her method, I can now recognize areas that are limiting my growth and use the tools I have learned to manifest a more abundant, joyful, fulfilling life.”
Carol Gesling, Sales

“Rhonda is a gifted listener. She hears, through your own words, the key to patterns that may no longer serve you well.  She helped me positively frame the years spent with an outdated pattern, and with gentle encouragement guided me as I let it go.  Her work then opens space for new beginnings." 

-Jennifer, Fund Raiser

”I absolutely love this method of counseling!  After my first session I stopped seeing my traditional therapist.  I had been going to my therapist for two years for depression, struggling with strained family relationships and making slow but steady progress.  I am so very grateful for The Liberator Method’s effectiveness in cutting to the chase.  My counselor’s compassion and wisdom shone through and put me at ease immediately.  I am happy to report I have progressed leaps and bounds.”

-Jennifer,  Artist & Musician

“I was doing heavy drugs when I found The Liberator Method.  I was unhappy and not satisfied with my life.  The Liberator Method shed light on the moment-by-moment subconscious messages I was accepting that were determining my future and leaving me feeling helpless.  At the time, I didn’t even realize these were choices!  Step by step I am reprogramming those messages and turning my life into a positive experience.”

-Taylor, Massage Therapist

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